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Introducing BioFabbrica LLC

BioFabbrica is a groundbreaking joint venture partnership between Modern Meadow and world-renowned Italian textile and materials supplier, Limonta. By combining Modern Meadow’s proprietary Bio-Alloy™ application platform with Limonta’s creativity, heritage craftsmanship, and cutting-edge materials manufacturing processes, BioFabbrica delivers sustainable material solutions that meet brands’ unique performance and design expectations.


BioFabbrica produces bio-based material solutions across the full range of materials applications, including solutions in leather goods, footwear, interiors, transport, and apparel applications. Innovative production processes enable the reduction and reuse of inputs while moving the world away from virgin petrochemical and animal-derived inputs.


Bio-Tex™ is a sustainable range of responsibly produced biofabricated materials, powered by Modern Meadow’s proprietary Bio-Alloy™ technology. This Italian-made vegan plant-based material family is lightweight and delivers superior color vibrance and performance while reducing GHG emissions by over 90% compared to traditional, chrome-tanned leather, based on an LCA. Bio-Tex™ is recognized as a Lab-to-Brand™ material, promoting traceability and transparency.

At BioFabbrica, we are enabling brand partners with our breakthrough materials that have been designed to allow for customization across multiple applications. Merging performance requirements and sustainability criteria, we integrate the Bio-Alloy™ technology with a backer and finish coat to create high-performing, sustainable material systems.

Bio-Tex™ is a certified biobased product under the USDA BioPreferred® Program.


Bio-Alloy™ is Modern Meadow’s proprietary application platform that enables the creation of one-of-a-kind biofabricated materials. It is composed of a unique alloy of proteins and bio-based polymers that offers unparalleled performance, from superior durability to long-lasting color vibrancy, for a uniquely lightweight material with a natural look, feel, and patina.

The creation of BioFabbrica accelerates delivery of this innovation to the market, demonstrated by the launch of the first expression of Bio-Tex™ products in early 2022.


Our Sustainability Practices

BioFabbrica strives to have a positive impact at multiple levels.

Climate Action

The accelerating pace of climate change requires urgent action. Our top environmental goal is to provide materials with reduced climate impacts compared to incumbent materials and to facilitate a global shift away from supply chains and industries that contribute to the majority of manmade greenhouse gas emissions. At BioFabbrica, we utilize renewable energy and support system-wide continuous process improvements to achieve this goal.

Responsible Sourcing

The climate crisis requires the world to shift away from the heavy reliance on petrochemical-derived and animal-based consumer goods, including food, fuel, and materials. In moving to renewable biomass to supply these needs, there is potential to put pressure on our agricultural resources. Bio-based inputs must be sourced responsibly to ensure optimal use of agricultural resources with minimal competition between food, fuel, materials, and other consumer goods. We will also continue to innovate to use recycled and waste inputs where possible.

Eco-Design Tools for Maximum Impact

The best environmental outcomes are achieved by maximizing the adoption of products with a low environmental footprint across the product’s life cycle. BioFabbrica products are designed at the intersection of sustainability and performance from the start. We use a rigorous science-based approach to design and inform the development of our products and apply LCA methods, in accordance with ISO standards, to report the environmental impacts of our products.

Transparency & Traceability

Our biofabricated materials are developed and produced at existing facilities that are vetted to ensure sustainable and fair practices. BioFabbrica scales its technologies by operating best-in-class partners who share our values around performance and sustainability. Our close relationship with development partners and production facilities allows brands to feel confident knowing our products are 100% traceable from Lab-to-Brand™.

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